Friday, December 9, 2011

Relative Newness

Last post: October. Yowsa.

We've done a few Facebook posts here and there of what's going on with P&B but decided it was high-time to update the 'ole blog here.

The holiday season has been a whirlwind indeed with both Sarah and I taking time to organize our lives in general. Sarah is in the process of remodeling her home after a fire (no one was hurt!) and although a huge pain in the butt, it's going to look AMAZING once she and her family are able to move back in...hopefully soon girl!

We've both been busily Christmas shopping and planning our holiday time off, but we made some time for some P&B custom orders and showcase pieces, as we love to do.

In October we were featured in an exhibition at the Burnet Art Gallery at Le Meridien Chambers Hotel, Minneapolis. It was called The Curative and featured art by team members at Target Headquarters. Oh yeah, in case we haven't mentioned that, we are both Targeteers too! ;)

Vintage green velvet headband with fringe and feather (white and green) trim. Vintage citrine and gold brooch.

The above piece sold at The Curative.

In November we made a fancy little holiday headband for Olive. Well, for Carrie, Olive's mom. Olive wore this little number for her Christmas family pictures. Carrie wanted "vintage modern" over a traditional red/green vibe. Happy to oblige. We absolutely love how this piece turned out with it's vintage snowflake brooch. It was much more sparkly in person but dang that camera if it doesn't show all it's beauty!

Metallic gold headband with vintage enamel flowers and brooch on gold and dusty purple ribbon bows.

We were also featured this month in Finch's Holiday Time Boutique in Minnetonka, MN. This boutique is a pop-up shop that occurs one weekend a year prior to a house! Adorable, seriously...check it out and keep it in mind for next year. There were so many beautiful, quirky and fun handmade goods and what a turnout. Check it out here.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Now available at butters&beans kids!

We couldn't have picked a more clever name for the location where we wanted our kids' run of headbands to be sold! When we saw butters&beans was opening at Woodbury Lakes in a recent issue of MSP magazine we jumped on the chance to have our hair accessories in the store.

Ann, the owner and designer of the b&b brand of children's clothing and accessories, was ever so kind to take about 10 pieces just a few weeks back. The jersey fabric rosettes and bows sold first, so we promise to make more.

In the meantime, stop in and see all the other wonderful items and brands she carries. The products have a comforting and homemade feel in a modern setting, complete with Ann's custom craft nook nestled in the back corner. We sort of wanted to move in...
Photo from butters&beans

Friday, July 22, 2011

Peach and Pink for the Wixom girls

Our latest custom creations were for Kate and Lydia and to be used in their most recent family photo (sadly, brother William wasn't interested in a headband. Not sure why.).

The girls' mom, Dana, had ordered pink and peach petticoats for the girls to be worn with over-sized pearls and "vintage feel" headbands. Below is the result.

Lydia's headband is a miniature straw hat with a small pink bird, grosgrain and lace ribbon bows, velvet rosette and feather/netting spray. Apparently the bird was a real hit with the girls, resulting in coos, oohs and awws...along with some petting, so I've been told. ;)

Kate's headband has an oversized faux peony and rose with pink satin and lace ribbon trim.

Thank you Megan at Megan O'Leary Photography for lending us these beautiful shots!

Friday, March 4, 2011

MSP Mag's March Cover

Our P&B top hat-headband - currently featured on the cover of Mpls St. Paul Magazine!

We were asked last month for custom top hat options for MSP mag's March nightlife issue cover. We were told 'black, white, netting,'. Happy and honored we submitted a few and voila, this baby ended up in my mailbox a few short weeks later. We dig it, we love it and she looks grand...wouldn't ya say?

Have to admit, when following MSP mag on Facebook it's been very fun to have our headband in their thumbnail with every update. In April we'll get over it...we think.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A mere 7 months later

...and we're back in business. It's a small start for now as both Sarah and I are adjusting to our new lives. Sarah was married on September 11th just outside of St. Louis. It looked so beautiful with all her immaculate details.

Love this picture!

I say her wedding "looked" beautiful as I was 9 months pregnant with my now 12 wk old son, Sullivan, and could not travel for the wedding. I was sad to miss one of my best friend's weddings, but, was very happy to have given birth to this beautiful boy on September 25th.

Photo courtesy of my brother-
in-law at Todd A. Olson Photography.

What an amazing few months it has been for both of us! As we speak Sullivan is snoozing in his sling while I type. Ahhh, multitasking. So, given the above we took a 7 month, much deserved break. But, with the holidays approaching we received 2 custom orders; one for Gretchen in Chicago and 6 for the Mendelssohn Chorale in Rockford, IL (so close to my hometown!). I guess we're hitting it big in IL? Or, as our friend James, a native Illinoisian?, would say, "Ellinois".

Gretchen was inspired by the HBO series 'Boardwalk Empire' and wanted a 20's style headband for this New Year's Eve. We designed a gold and black "foreheadband" with vintage beaded appliques, black feathers and Swarovski Crystals. I can't wait to see it in action , via pictures of course. Eh hem, Gretchen... ;)


Our Rockford, IL orders were made with red ribbon bows and vintage gold buttons. The Mendelssohn Chorale, featuring Sarah's Aunt as their esteemed conductor, wore the holiday inspired headbands for Holiday Pops: The Many Moods of Christmas at the Coronado Performing Arts Center in downtown Rockford. See the pics here!

We wish we had better pictures but due to the holiday rush we put them right in the mail as soon as they were complete! We are available for more custom orders, anything you'd like we're sure we can make it happen...within reason of course. ;)

OK, back to the baby. I need to address the spit-up action that's happening all over me. Yeah, he's awake.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Photography: Stephanie Hynes Clothing: Christine Carmichael Accessories: Pea's & Bean's!

Try to ignore the poor photo quality, my bad. I copied them from Christine's facebook page. I know I have the originals...somewhere. ;)
Photography: Stephanie Hynes
Model: Monica Ulrich
Makeup and Hair: Bethany Brinn
Clothing Designs: Christine Carmichael
Accessories: Pea's and Bean's